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PHYSIQ is a non-invasive body-sculpting treatment that helps patients achieve slimmer, more defined contours. PHYSIQ in Asheville at Harpe Laser & Wellness is recommended for patients who have not achieved muscle definition and fat reduction despite exercise and a healthy diet.

For these patients, genetics, hormones, and/or stress are often to blame for their trouble areas. With the help of PHYSIQ, patients can finally overcome these factors and experience life in a body that reflects their commitment to health and fitness.

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PHYSIQ is a revolutionary body-contouring device that employs sequential thermal and electrical pulse (STEP) technology to target persistent fat and improve muscle tone.

STEP technology uses timed sequences of deep heat to melt fat and electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions. With this dual-modality approach, PHYSIQ can deliver noticeable improvements in just a short treatment session.

Who Is a Good Candidate for PHYSIQ?

If you have tried exercise and dieting to sculpt the toned, defined body of your dreams but can’t seem to get the results you desire, you may be a good candidate for PHYSIQ. Candidates should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations for their PHYSIQ results.

What to Expect During a PHYSIQ Treatment Session

Your PHYSIQ treatment will be performed at one of our convenient locations in Asheville or Hendersonville. Depending on the size of the treatment area, your PHYSIQ session will last 30 minutes or less.

First, you will need to find a comfortable position that allows the PHYSIQ applicator to reach the targeted treatment area(s). Specialized silicone gel pads will be placed on each PHYSIQ applicator to ensure optimal energy transfer. The applicators will then be positioned on the treatment area.

Up to four applicators can be placed during a single PHYSIQ session. For large treatment areas, four applicators can be spaced throughout the same area. For smaller treatment zones, a set of two applicators can be placed. The remaining two applicators can be used in another treatment area, if applicable, allowing patients to target two problem areas simultaneously.

Patients may feel a warm sensation from the applicator and will feel the targeted muscles contract during the electrical muscle-stimulation phases of the treatment.

Dr. Harpe will monitor your treatment to ensure that the optimal amount of energy is being delivered and that you are comfortable throughout the session. You will also have a control button that allows you to make quick adjustments to the intensity of the energy being delivered.


Well sculpted abs of a male patient after Physiq treatment

What to Expect After a PHYSIQ Treatment Session

There is no downtime or recovery period needed after PHYSIQ. A warm sensation may linger for a few hours after your PHYSIQ session. You will be given detailed instructions for massaging the area with PHYSIQ lotion, which can help you optimize your results.

How Many PHYSIQ Sessions Will I Need?

Each patient has unique treatment goals and problem areas, so the number of PHYSIQ sessions needed varies from patient to patient. On average, patients can achieve their desired outcome with a series of five sessions, with two weeks between each session.

Schedule a Consultation for PHYSIQ Body Contouring

To find out if PHYSIQ in Asheville is the body-sculpting solution you’ve been waiting for, contact our office to schedule a consultation. At Harpe Laser & Wellness, we are passionate about helping patients transform their bodies and love how they look. Our team will draw from their vast experience to develop a customized body-contouring protocol for you.

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